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Illustrator of the future workshop week

Well I am back, the world has sunk in and things are in full swing! First I’d like to say there are very few times that I can say were as legendary as the Illustrators of the Future Workshop week. Amazing group of guys and gals.

Here’s what went down!

– 12 winners (potentially) from around the world are brought to a building based on merit to compete for a grand prize and learn from the workshop.
– Receive amazing insight from some of the best people in the business
– make friends with all those amazing people, the start of “the cartel”
– difficult cover challenge makes you push yourself
– portfolio review, great honest results
– insane number of doors opened from the contest, doors I never dreamed would be opening for me.

See the blog posts here:

Day 2 (illustrators arrive)
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

If anyone is interested in the contest or wants to know more please feel free to email me and ask. You can enter the contest here:

Keeping your art strong,
Joshua Meehan

A Year of Firsts

Hey people and robots,
my name is Joshua Meehan and I have now successfully started my first blog. On here you will expect to find all the extra work I don’t show on my portfolio, cool reference and resources I’ve hunted for on the web, and other announcements and stuff. This week I’m proud to say I just finished a massive amount of work for some new clients who I have had the pleasure of working with for the first time! That work had to get done because now I am free from previous jobs when I head to LA next week. While I’m in LA I will get to meet all the other winners of the Illustrator of the Future Contest, my work is being published for the first time in their Anthology vol. 29, and there is a week long workshop with working professionals that I am very much looking forward to. I just haven’t heard of a contest as good as this one and cannot wait.

WOF-29-Bookcover   The contest is for any Fantasy or Science Fiction artist who hasn’t been in a major publication yet. You can enter quarterly and each quarter 3 winners are chosen and receive $500 for winning. Then you are given a winning short story from the writers side and create a cover for them all the artists compete for the $5000 grand prize and are flown out for a whole week for the workshop and ceremony where they announce the grand prize winner. It’s all very exciting and one of the best opportunities I have ever seen for emerging artists!

For more info check:
You can watch the 2011 vol. 28 winners ceremony at:
If you want to order the book you can do so here:
AND if you are eligible, I highly recommend the contest and wish everyone the best of luck. I’m attending next week so there will certainly be an update about the whole experience.


So until then…
Keep your art hand strong,
Joshua Meehan