Joshua Meehan

Illustrator of the future workshop week

Well I am back, the world has sunk in and things are in full swing! First I’d like to say there are very few times that I can say were as legendary as the Illustrators of the Future Workshop week. Amazing group of guys and gals.

Here’s what went down!

– 12 winners (potentially) from around the world are brought to a building based on merit to compete for a grand prize and learn from the workshop.
– Receive amazing insight from some of the best people in the business
– make friends with all those amazing people, the start of “the cartel”
– difficult cover challenge makes you push yourself
– portfolio review, great honest results
– insane number of doors opened from the contest, doors I never dreamed would be opening for me.

See the blog posts here:

Day 2 (illustrators arrive)
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

If anyone is interested in the contest or wants to know more please feel free to email me and ask. You can enter the contest here:

Keeping your art strong,
Joshua Meehan

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