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Links of the Week: Work Ethic

Hello people! I wanted to take the week to provide some thoughts on work ethic.

Often Illustrators and Artists state this profession is a self starting job and I agree. It’s grueling hours of work at times, while others seem to fly by. The point being that there is only you, the sole artist, in charge of everything you do. You determine how hard you work and how hard you try to find more work because it won’t last forever.

Though the main thing to remember is if you do good work, are good to work with, and get it to the right people you will be in good hands!

Here are some people who provide excellent insight into work ethic and advice on how to get up to professional speed!

Muddy Colors – Greg Manchess has an article on Muddy Colors (a great blog site in its own right) “10 Things…About Talent”
These 10 things argue the notion that talent is everything. Its good to know that while some start at a different skill level it take time and training to actually improve the skills to a professional level.

  – Garret AJ – Art of Mind –

Garret AJ – Art of Mind –
His blogs are always themed well and contain great information that I recommend you check out!
From 7 Steps to improve your work to Looking for Inspiration.

While the ideas covered are large and have a lot smaller themes the general idea of work ethic is clear. DON’T BE LAZY! Many people have different ways of doing things, but the goal is to make themselves better. This is things we should not forget and when feeling defeated or unmotivated don’t worry. Everyone goes through these feelings and its crucial to not lose sight of the goal.

Good luck out there and until next time keep the art hand strong!

Links of the Week: Livestream

Wow I want to thank everyone who came out this past week to the “I Dream in Widescreen” BFA thesis Show and supporting the short film Grey State. It was great to be a part of the production team as Concept Artist and Art Director. I was even surprised with an Executive Producer credit. Over all it was a neat experience that I wont forget!

So for this week I wanted to make the shoutout to these great livestreams that have helped me progress my painting skills.
Team Awesome –

Awesome Horse Studios is a great group of freelance illustrators who provide paintovers and demos for artists looking to further their skills. The group is most active on Facebook and stream weekly on Wednesdays at 4 PM EST.
Crimson Daggers –  –

The Crimson Daggers are a group setup by Dave Rapoza and Dan Warren. They provide mentorship, bloodsport events and general paintovers for people wanting to become pro in the illustration industry. They feature a tough love approach which has fostered some really dedicated artists and a growing community.



Link of the week: Animation

birthday monster_abbeyHappy belated birthday to myself and all the others born on May 9th! I worked and enjoyed some ice cream, but enough of that its back to the fun stuff.

Yesterday I met a mother who had a son, he was interested in animation. 10 year goal to be working at Disney. Which was great, specific and it helped me know where to send him for guidance along that career path. Which brings us our links for the blog:

First is Chris Oatley’s Website.
Chris Oatley is a Disney Character Designer. He’s a great artist and devotes his time to helping others with podcasts and advice. Great tool for the tool belt!

Second is Bobby Chu’s Schoolism online is a great sight and alternative way to learn where you can take online classes with professionals working in the animation and illustration fields. They also hold live workshops in San Fransisco, definitely worth the look!

Keep on making art and I look forward to see what you create next,
Joshua Meehan


Today we use a vast array of tools to communicate and reach out to others.

Growing your Digital Footprint
1. Use name as URL (of your website where you post your art)
2. Create a facebook account, strictly for Art business.
3. Get on all the social media sites – link them together or keep them in easy to reach tabs.
4. Update often even if its a fun link or not ART! blogs even have the ability to schedule posts to help make it easier
5. BE NICE on the internet!
All these things do help but if you really want to have an Art Director say “hello.” In PERSON.

When Emails, mail ins, and status updates get easily lost in the shuffle with hundreds or thousands of others, having a personal experience with someone is VERY VALUABLE!

Where do you find these people? Usually the advice given is “Go to conventions”. Well this is true but knowing the right convention for the industry you want to go to is important.
So if you want to go into the gaming industry go to GDC.
Want to go into comics? Go to Comic cons…because of how many there are its good to look in advance to see if its worth going.

After you pick a convention, make sure to BRING NETWORKING MATERIALS.

  1. Portfolio
  2. business card
  3. optional leave behinds (small postcard size print of best work for client)

For more on making good first impressions and making connections go here. Make sure to read the whole series by Jon Schindehette on building portfolios if you haven’t already.

So that’s a lot of info.

More to come!
So stay tuned there’s a lot of info out there and I’ll be linking you to as much as I find.

Until then keep the art flow strong!