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Today we use a vast array of tools to communicate and reach out to others.

Growing your Digital Footprint
1. Use name as URL (of your website where you post your art)
2. Create a facebook account, strictly for Art business.
3. Get on all the social media sites – link them together or keep them in easy to reach tabs.
4. Update often even if its a fun link or not ART! blogs even have the ability to schedule posts to help make it easier
5. BE NICE on the internet!
All these things do help but if you really want to have an Art Director say “hello.” In PERSON.

When Emails, mail ins, and status updates get easily lost in the shuffle with hundreds or thousands of others, having a personal experience with someone is VERY VALUABLE!

Where do you find these people? Usually the advice given is “Go to conventions”. Well this is true but knowing the right convention for the industry you want to go to is important.
So if you want to go into the gaming industry go to GDC.
Want to go into comics? Go to Comic cons…because of how many there are its good to look in advance to see if its worth going.

After you pick a convention, make sure to BRING NETWORKING MATERIALS.

  1. Portfolio
  2. business card
  3. optional leave behinds (small postcard size print of best work for client)

For more on making good first impressions and making connections go here. Make sure to read the whole series by Jon Schindehette on building portfolios if you haven’t already.

So that’s a lot of info.

More to come!
So stay tuned there’s a lot of info out there and I’ll be linking you to as much as I find.

Until then keep the art flow strong!

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