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Link of the week: Animation

birthday monster_abbeyHappy belated birthday to myself and all the others born on May 9th! I worked and enjoyed some ice cream, but enough of that its back to the fun stuff.

Yesterday I met a mother who had a son, he was interested in animation. 10 year goal to be working at Disney. Which was great, specific and it helped me know where to send him for guidance along that career path. Which brings us our links for the blog:

First is Chris Oatley’s Website.
Chris Oatley is a Disney Character Designer. He’s a great artist and devotes his time to helping others with podcasts and advice. Great tool for the tool belt!

Second is Bobby Chu’s Schoolism online is a great sight and alternative way to learn where you can take online classes with professionals working in the animation and illustration fields. They also hold live workshops in San Fransisco, definitely worth the look!

Keep on making art and I look forward to see what you create next,
Joshua Meehan

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