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Links of the Week: Work Ethic

Hello people! I wanted to take the week to provide some thoughts on work ethic.

Often Illustrators and Artists state this profession is a self starting job and I agree. It’s grueling hours of work at times, while others seem to fly by. The point being that there is only you, the sole artist, in charge of everything you do. You determine how hard you work and how hard you try to find more work because it won’t last forever.

Though the main thing to remember is if you do good work, are good to work with, and get it to the right people you will be in good hands!

Here are some people who provide excellent insight into work ethic and advice on how to get up to professional speed!

Muddy Colors – Greg Manchess has an article on Muddy Colors (a great blog site in its own right) “10 Things…About Talent”
These 10 things argue the notion that talent is everything. Its good to know that while some start at a different skill level it take time and training to actually improve the skills to a professional level.

  – Garret AJ – Art of Mind –

Garret AJ – Art of Mind –
His blogs are always themed well and contain great information that I recommend you check out!
From 7 Steps to improve your work to Looking for Inspiration.

While the ideas covered are large and have a lot smaller themes the general idea of work ethic is clear. DON’T BE LAZY! Many people have different ways of doing things, but the goal is to make themselves better. This is things we should not forget and when feeling defeated or unmotivated don’t worry. Everyone goes through these feelings and its crucial to not lose sight of the goal.

Good luck out there and until next time keep the art hand strong!

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