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2013-14! Sketch dump

This is going to be a sketch dump because I think its important to put these out as they show some of the thinking behind images and other stuff that’s going behind the scenes. Last year had a lot of weird anxiety and desperation which I changed after Illuxcon. So I’m certain between then and now you will see a difference even though I actually have fewer days away from my day job. The day job I got was the Custom Framing manager position at a Michaels and has certainly helped with the financial stability and paying off student loans while I work on Projects! And now the SKETCH DUMP!

Untitled-710 precious treasure mouth1 06010dragon rider 06010dragon rider2 06010dragon rider3 0903meehan_1002meehan_1003project_chris freeman_final  page-1 page-2 page-3 page-4 page-5 page-6 page-7 page-8 page-9 page-10 page-11 page-12

While this doesn’t include all the projects I worked on this year, due to some things not coming out yet, it was a productive year with a lot of different things being created. If I learned one thing it was that I need to narrow my focus even more and up the quality of the work. 2014 is really exciting as I feel like I’m on the verge of some really big breakthroughs like my struggle with color, and composition.

If you have any requests or questions please send them to me at ! As it gives me a better idea what to post. For example if you would like to see my process or artists who inspire me or more about working in Hollywood or having a full time job (12 hours not drawing!!!) and finding time to do art. I would truly like to see what you think!

Joshua Meehan

2014 Update! Part 3

Here is the work I did for Paizo’s Bestiary 4! Again it was a very different kind of assignment which came in between the film work and was an example of submitting a portfolio that fits with the vision of a company. The creatures I worked on was Black Oil, Festering Spirit, Freezing Flow, Hypnalis, Pickled Punk, Seps, Imortal Ichor, and Isitoq.

I loved this assignment there was a lot of freedom and I did put a lot of effort to make my work fit in with the visual style of the Pathfinder universe by looking at the previous Bestiary’s and core book’s art.

black oil festering spirit freezing flow Hypnalis Immortal Ichor seps pickled punk


2014 Update! Part 2

Great now time for some art! In 2013 I decided to jump head first into the freelance world and didn’t have anything really holding me back from doing so. Thus I lived in Hollywood for a few months working on a film called Dracula Directed by Perry Teo. I got to create the artwork used in the opening of the film and design Dracula’s Castle. I learned a lot about the process and met some incredible people every single day!

See the art in action

Here’s some of the images I created, a lot ended in individual assets and were pieced together later.

Dracula's castle Dracula Turk head Turk warriors

Next post will showcase the monsters I made from Paizo’s Bestiary 4!

2014 Update! part 1

Wow I hate getting behind in things and it seems I’ve let my web stuff slip. But it has been because I’m really busy and ALOT of things I was working on I couldn’t show. So in the coming weeks I will be posting the updates of work from 2013! As we get to my most recent passion project!

First is Illuxcon 2013…

IT WAS GREAT!!! So cool seeing everyone I’ve admired and meeting new faces who were just full of awesome and below are a few pics from that experience. If you want to make Illustration your career this is a MUST to go to. All the art directors are there and so are many of the professional artists you admire as well! You just never know what will happen.

Illuxcon 2013Illuxcon 2013

Tickets are now available for Illuxcon 7 2014 and will be back in Allentown, PA. I hope to see you guys there!