Joshua Meehan

2014 Update! part 1

Wow I hate getting behind in things and it seems I’ve let my web stuff slip. But it has been because I’m really busy and ALOT of things I was working on I couldn’t show. So in the coming weeks I will be posting the updates of work from 2013! As we get to my most recent passion project!

First is Illuxcon 2013…

IT WAS GREAT!!! So cool seeing everyone I’ve admired and meeting new faces who were just full of awesome and below are a few pics from that experience. If you want to make Illustration your career this is a MUST to go to. All the art directors are there and so are many of the professional artists you admire as well! You just never know what will happen.

Illuxcon 2013Illuxcon 2013

Tickets are now available for Illuxcon 7 2014 and will be back in Allentown, PA. I hope to see you guys there!

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