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Kobble Art update 2

Hey this week we are looking at the next Kobble update with art for the observer, golem, and troll!

To see more things Kobble and stay up to date with the progress of the game as well as, the soon to be kickstarter you can visit the kobble website!


Here’s the Golem!



The Golem as an early character to determine the way LARGE characters were going to look. He also required that extra flare so the staple characters were different from traditional fantasy versions. Instead of a human sculpted from rock it takes its shape from the materials around it. The idea I thought of was showing the first moments when this character comes to life and how they are slow lumbering characters that can take a lot of damage. The first golem was specifically a tower but lacked the bulkiness we wanted to show, so it transformed from a tower to a wall!


The Troll


One of my personal favorites to play in the game, there were a lot of sketches done to get him just right. The main thing with these kind of characters is to not get too specific and to choose a moment when you had just seen them in the street. The card has a lot of stink themed attacks so balancing all the different things we choose swamp colors and flies buzzing to add that idea of smell.

The Warrior

warrior warrior sketch

The warrior is another of the three classic fantasy classes and we knew it would be where all warrior type classes branch off from. In an endless city like kobble that is full of violence we decided that almost everything shouldn’t look new. The fancier stuff would be well kept but the majority of metal would be rusty, clothes should be dirty, and the designs should also look like they didn’t take a lot of time or craft to make. The silhouette is important for the warrior too. so many different sketches were done to make sure the stance was just right!

Thanks for looking and I hope you are excited about next weeks update as I am!


Kobble is a card game about fantasy organized crime set in the endless city of Kobble. Each time you play, you tell the story of two rival gangs battling for control of one of the city’s many neighborhoods. The two gangs will engage in a series of bloody battles for control over the various locations within a neighborhood. In the end, the gang that wins more fights will control the neighborhood, and the other will be forced out. The game can be played cooperatively or competitively with 1-6 players.

Kobble Art!

Hey thereso for the past 6 months I’ve been working as the artist for a new card game called Kobble that recently was announced so I wanted to share the art that has been released and how those sketches developed into the art for the game!


goblin wizard yeti


These were some of the first characters that were developed for the game to give an overall theme. Going into the game design I was given initial sketches from the game designer and good friend Colin. That gave some visual guidelines.

  1. Exaggerated proportions – doesn’t have to be realistic! More fun with these designs. The world is filled with enough brown on brown
  2. If the card calls for a human shape the less individual a card is the better.
  3. Always emphasize a class/species main element. This idea of Big, Medium, Small.

So for the goblin he went pretty simply once the proportion of the large head came threw and there were a couple versions before coming to the large pointy head and sharp rusty dagger.


And once the goblin was complete it set the tone for all the characters. Palette and proportions were established for non-human characters.

When it came to human characters and fantasy tropes the big three staples: wizard, thief, and Warrior, all came to mind. They would establish the look of military, magic, and commonfolk, as well as proportions.


The original mage had problems at first. A static pose, colors were all over the place, and it just didn’t have enough of the emotion that the non-human character cards had. So a simple solution was formed. Tighten up the color scheme to two major colors for Lightning and Fire (the two type of magic attacks he has) and then redraw the head so it is looking at whatever its saying “You Shall Not Pass!” to. Finally I added some of the original arcane color on the inner robe and pimped out his chain!

So that’s everything I can show at the moment and as more come available I will show the process! As it has been a cool experience working on this project! Also I have been working on this project while holding a full time job and sleep 6-8 hrs a night, so average time is a day or two for each piece! So it can be done you just have to sit down and do it, plan a little time in your day and don’t worry about it getting done cause it’ll be done when its done! Unless of course you have a deadline, then it needs to be done before or on the due date.

Kobble is a Card game that we plan to hit kickstarter in Spring 2014, created by Colin Mulkerin and Art by Joshua Meehan.

Joshua Meehan