Joshua Meehan

Back from the Mountain top…

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It’s been too long since I have been active in the community. Almost too long. I know I have gotten my fair share of messages and emails asking if I am dead, and I am here to say I am not dead!

I am changed.

In 2014 I made my last update to Kobble right before we began the Pheonix Comic Con and that went well, we didn’t raise the money to make the game however which just ment back to the grind which Colin and I have known too well. The game is still in production, just slower.

When 2015 hit I had a lot of energy from completing Illuxcon and working at michaels was easy enough with rides. I had a lot of time between my shifts to paint. Then it was a series of events with family reasons that finally knocked me off the internet and productivity roll I was on, but my brother needed me to step up. So I did.

I got an Apartment (which I cant afford), I got a car (which I can’t afford), and I brought my brother to live with me. It’s across from his school so for his senior year it is a huge benefit, because he will be getting the university treatment. The idea was he takes care of his own dishes and homework, and I take care of the bills.

For a time this has worked. I had some savings from client jobs saved up and the artwork was still rolling at the time so I figured it would continue and I could make it month by month. Financially things went smoothly and parents as well as family members helped me through.

My brother is a smart kid, I mean top 1% smart and deserves his chance at a college degree, focusing solely on studies and his pursuits.

Now it’s been almost a year, I’ve run out of savings, and even filled up a credit line while I tried to get a raise at work (which I do deserve), and things aren’t looking bright. I have started to warm up my art again, and with some hefty cuts to phones, internet, and food. I should be able to get my life back and begin doing art again AND NOT SCREW UP MY FREELANCE. But that’s for another time, I learned a lot of lessons, I’ll be sharing everything I’ve worked on since it all came out, and I look forward to more art in the present/future.

If you have any advice or have been in a situation like this before (I can’t be the only one) I’d appreciate anything you found helpful.

So back from the mountain top so to speak, time to get my ass kicked.

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