Joshua Meehan

March 2016 Arting 24/7

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Hope everyone has had a great month! Spring is in the air and big changes happened in February and March for myself. A few weeks ago was my last day working at Michael’s. I worked there for 8 years and ended as a Custom Framing Manager. I met wonderful people, ran a financially successful shop, and framed some amazing projects. Leaving Michael’s was in fact one of the hardest decisions I ever made. However, the great thing is that means more art and simplifying life to invest in my passion.

This month meant that I have begun working on Kobble again.
We hit the 94% mark for the project and have 4 more pictures to go which is great! Colin and I have been looking into different ways to bring the costs down and will be coming to a decision soon so we can have the deck made with all the cards.

Personal Work is going nicely thanks to the prompts from the Draw or Die facebook group’s monthly Challenges, and I can see a direct improvement in the pieces I am completing.

So things are looking up and my brother is being taken care of and is doing well again in school. I’m happy to say things are back on track.

So the next blog post will just have a bunch of art. I’m happy I can do those again 🙂


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