Joshua Meehan

New Kobble art

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For the past 2 years I have been working on a personal project with a colleague of mine named Colin Mulkerin. Where he is the game designer and I am the artist. It has been a grueling two years and we still have some time to go, since it didn’t get funded through kickstarter we have had to do other jobs to make ends meet. While that has slowed production of the project it certainly has allowed us time to refine the card game and look at our options to simplify getting it to the people who want to play.

Here is some of the new art featuring the location cards that each gang will claim as their territory.

We had to standardize the cards and since we now have our templates the location cards had to be adjusted. plus the ones we had before were very rough and not at a quality I would prefer. So it was great getting to update them. Here’s an example of a previous one and it’s updated counterpart.

treasury treasury_a

Here are the other paintings and locations that each gang can claim as their own.

Academy_a theatre_a smithy_a mansion_a gallows_a docks_a Chapel_a brothel_a bakery_a
As with all Kobble art, it’s a work in progress and is aspect to change.
Thank you for looking and on to more artwork!






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