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The late may update.

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Hope you are all well. A lot has been going on so apologies for the late entry. The past month has been great and its been bleeding into this month. I have been having 10-12 hrs a day devoted to Kobble and other personal work.

Kobble has been a great learning experience with a massive plate as far as art goes. When I started working on the project it was mid 2013 and here we are almost 3 years later and its coming to an end. ( yes I say that a lot) but I’m confident with the artwork for different characters and opportunity cards completed, and environment cards just needing respective adjustments. We only have a couple more months to go.


Cardback designs and a box art redo are all on the list to complete. Which will be quite different from my normal character illustration side. I’ll have to flex some design muscles .

Kobble has taken so long mainly cause I am the only one painting every single character. Every piece has to be concepted and illustrated to a set standard. So with our extra time we have spent some of it to redesign or redraw a couple of characters we were not happy with. This can be for a number of reasons like, the artwork is too old and doesn’t meet the standard set by the rest of the game, or a piece is too similar to a licensed character, or even the quality of artwork is drastically different. These are all reasons that have applied to one or multiple pieces I’ve done lately.


One character is the druid. The original art had a pose that was flat ‘ disjointed so it needed a complete redo, a pose that emphasized his age, showcased how old he was, but still using his powers.


The process gif. It always starts with the pose because in a short time I can answer all the questions. “Is this a strong silhouette? Does the pose create movement across the piece? Does the pose convey the personality I want it to?” answering these is more important than is the lighting good or a body part is not in correct proportion.


Because I want my audience to connect emotionally and become inspired to imagine what their unique combination looks like.


Well I hope this was entertaining and informative into my process.  Thank you for reading and have a great rest of your day!

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