Joshua Meehan

Merlin from space [june2016]

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Hey hey!
This month I have a new piece of art which makes 3 months straight of production πŸ˜€ When I started my new personal pieces in the beginning of this 3 month period it was stressful, felt like stretching and I got tired a lot more than I used to. I had to build up my stamina and relearn the steps for making good illustration. It wasn’t about speed but momentum.

Each month I focused on something different and now I’m happy with my process and producing art at my optimal speed. πŸ˜€ This feels great. My mental and emotion states are higher because of the artwork. It fulfills me.

Any way here is the piece which will be added to the gallery front page.


This piece had a lot of design challenges and bugs that I had to work out. But nothing out of the ordinary.
It was great getting community feedback about this piece as well. It reminded me when I was skipping steps out of impatience and when I was taking away information. There could definitely be things added to the piece but the most important thing was nailing the character and executing a great mood.
Here’s the Process gif to see how it changed.

32_Marrel-linWith these 3 solid months I now feel confident in submitting my portfolio to companies I’m very happy with the characters and my next personal piece will focus more adding the environment.

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