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Kobble Milestone

So this wont be the last time I post about my personal project titled Kobble, however it does mark the end of a glorious journey in making the art!
That’s right! When I started painting Kobble in September 2013 the project it was just sketches on index cards. Colin, game designer of Kobble, called myself and a few of our friends over to try a game he had been crafting. After the first game we kept playing, trying out new strategies and seeing what the fate of the index cards had in store for us. I remember leaving that night thinking, “This should be a thing.” It had all the pieces, new and interesting ways to simulate chance, and a nice balance between strategy and luck. Most importantly it felt right. It was the first game I’d played of Colin’s where we finished it in one sitting and as a casual tabletop player that was important to me.

So after a lunch meeting was set out a timeline and the scope of the project. It was to be 40 cards in the beginning with expansions to bolster the deck. But as we kept going I kept getting revisions and new card lists. The passion project soon grew to 144 cards and that’s when I had to yell stop! It certainly is a robust game and having all those cards helps keep the game fresh. We kept playing he game throughout development with family, friends, and testers. They all seemed to enjoy it. I had a lot on my plate and wanted to see the project through. I thought, “well if I keep going at the current pace, a year would be an appropriate timeline.” Boy was I naive.

It has taken 2 years and 10 months to finish all the art, I’ve improved much since the beginning so some of the art needed redoing. Honestly some of it probably still does. It is easy to let a project get stuck in production purgatory, and with the amount of time it would take to fix every little thing I’d want, we’d restarting the project over again. There were a lot of struggles just to get to this part, with poverty, family, and holding down a day job, while trying to make it in the freelance world. All these factors have pushed the delay to where we are now. But I kept my priorities in line and I’m happy with where everything is. 🙂 So if you have read this much then damn, I hope you learned something from my experience. To those who scrolled through the babbling to see the pictures, clever girl. 😉

Elemental Infusion


Thank you for the support and here’s to the new stage of getting the game into production!

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Kobble Art update

This is gonna be a short one mainly cause art is flying off very fast and with the day job I’m trying to go for ultimate production mode. Prioities. BUT with that being said, I wanted to share the newest piece in kobble. An event card called Ambush which can come up as an opportunity.
Very happy with how it turned out and there is a process gif!


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Big Bad Blog Update [July2016]

Hey there,
another month has rolled by and since liberating myself to get better at art things have been a roller coaster of astronomical proportions. New living space, a designated working space with scheduled hours (still work at home), and the ever present balancing the financial side of my life. Personally and emotionally I am learning to deal with the fact that some people I love very much are no longer here on this earth. So things get put into perspective. We never know how long we have left, only today. So do what you can, to do what you love, with the people you love to do life with.

As I’ve simplified and prioritized my life art is definitely a stable and major force towards my inner peace and personal growth. Its my calling and my passion. I never want to stop improving, luckily I got some great advice and critique on the last piece I did, Merlin from space.

Some of the best examples were that in the redesign I didn’t maintain the symbols that make up Merlin, and it basically was just an alien with a beard. So I took this to heart in the next piece and I’m still not convinced I’m there. It’s pretty hard to capture that magic, but I know I am getting closer.

This is Big Bad, the science fiction adaptation of the big bad wolf from little red riding hood.

So I basically broke down the character who was meant to be a serial killer in hiding. Our Heroes, Merlin, Aguy, and Num num run into him in the Forest just outside the main gate and thus Aguy and Num Num team up to vanquish their first foe on their journey to the portal of doom thing.

Again I busted out the sketching phase after reading the prompt (found on the Draw or Die’s facebook page) Loved the creepy vibes I was picking up.
But as I went to render I found I didn’t solve all the problems before moving on and had to redesign the character and I tried to save the background.
That was my first strike.

Next I got the character to a silhouette I was happy with. So I started working the background to the level I wanted the entire painting and kept working each part individually. This was my second strike.
After I was happy with the individual parts I sat on the piece for a few weeks. Moving on to other projects and sending out more emails to try and find work and a day job. So the day prior I worked on this all day, realizing I had a character blocked out without any definition and I began at the face and working my way down till the painting was at a level I was happy with. 30 mins before the deadline. THIS WAS MY THIRD STRIKE.

So parts are left unfinished, the painting didn’t have a lot of extra elements that I was hoping for and I’m left wanting with this piece.
I find its painted well, but there isn’t a story being told visually and I really wish there was.

Here is a gif which showcases the process and you can see what I missed in the sketch when I went to final.


What I learned:
Follow the process.
When you hit a problem, solve it before moving on.
Work the whole image.