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Kobble is a card game about fantasy organized crime set in the endless city of Kobble. Each time you play, you tell the story of two rival gangs battling for control of one of the city’s many neighborhoods. The two gangs will engage in a series of bloody battles for control over the various locations within a neighborhood. In the end, the gang that wins more fights will control the neighborhood, and the other will be forced out. The game can be played cooperatively or competitively with 1-6 players.

Each gang in Kobble has a character card associated with it. There is a Goblin gang, a Wizard gang, a Yeti gang, a Vampire gang, an Infected gang, and many others, 50 in total. Because each game of Kobble tells the story of a war between two gangs, there are over 2000 possible matchups that can be played. For example, Goblins vs Wizards, Bards vs Gargoyles, Crystal Mages vs Minotaurs, and the list goes on.

Each player in Kobble takes on the role of a lieutenant within their respective gang. Each lieutenant has a specialty, represented by a second character card that is uniquely their own. So, in the Yeti gang, there might be a Yeti Slime, a Yeti Archer, or many others. But, the next time you play, you could play as an Angel Gang, with characters like an Angel Tormentor or an Angel Golem. Each lieutenant will have a unique combination of 2 character cards, and thus have a unique set of 6 abilities, making each character play noticeably differently than any other character in the game. We’ve been playing the game heavily for almost two years now, and we’re still discovering new synergies between character cards, and thus new strategies for how to build a character.