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Kobble update double feature!

This week is a double feature since I didn’t post the previous weeks updates! I’d like to thank everyone for their support of this ambitious project as it is a big milestone for myself and Colin! I look forward to showing you more as we get closer to the kickstarter!

This week in art we have The Observer, The Archer, The Minotaur, The Shieldmaiden, TheĀ  Slime, and The Bard!

The Observer


This little guy was the first to show the glowing eyes that most magic users possess in the game. With white backgrounds as the primary back it was important to make the body darker for more contrast. He also has a lot of spunk for a little guy and was a lot of fun to make! I stayed really close to the original card art for this character.


The Archer and the Shieldmaiden

shieldmaiden archer

After creating the Warrior and Mage these classes ended up coming together rather quickly and nicely. These were very close to the original sketches as well and had a couple variations on the color. The most important parts were needed to stand out like the shield maidens shield. So keeping the graphics bold and simple so they were easy to read were successful here! Also with the archer the ground texture starts to develop creating slight variations for each character.


The Minotaur and the Bard

minotaur Bard

These guys ended up having different proportions and what needed to be important was the silhouette. While the anger in the minotaur and his horns were the biggest emphasis, the bard’s needed to be more flamboyant and yet still read as an agressive player. That’s where looking at rockstars and guitarists in bands became the ultimate persona for the class.


The Slime


The original slime was just a ball with no personality so it was changed to have a grinning mouth to add more personality to it. I liked the idea of it just appearing out of the sewer and it would then slither around like a snake before plunging down into the sewers again. The cool part was figuring out how to make these cobbled stones for the street rather quickly and once I was able to do that a lot of characters now have that as the base to add context to the characters and give a reference for scale.


So that’s it for this week and I look forward to sharing more later!
Until then keep drawing!